Jeremy Feakins


About Jeremy Feakins

Jeremy Feakins is the Chairman and CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE). For more than 30 years, Jeremy has pursued various entrepreneurial projects and invested in numerous ventures. His decision to join OTE was due in part to his lifelong passion for environmental and sustainability issues. OTE’s mission is to develop hydrothermal energy plants using Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) technology to provide energy and water for drinking, fish-farming, and agriculture without the use of fossil fuels. In addition to energy and water plants, OTE plans to create a global network of OTEC EcoVillages—sustainable, environmentally-friendly communities that use OTEC technology to supply both electricity and water.

The challenge that humanity faces this century is how to live in harmony with nature and minimize the effects of climate change. Today, the generation of fossil-fuel power is a leading cause of air pollution and the single largest source of global warming emissions. Jeremy Feakins and the team at OTE believe that this challenge can be overcome by designing and building sustainable communities like OTEC EcoVillage, which will be powered by renewable energy technology such as OTEC. In addition to providing energy, OTEC can also supply the entire water requirements for the community. OTE is one of the only organizations in the world with designs for high-quality eco-resorts and affordable housing units that operate without the use of fossil fuels. Jeremy Feakins and the team at OTE is confident that their OTEC EcoVillages will allow people around the world living in tropical and subtropical regions to live in a truly sustainable manner—without the use of fossil fuels.

OTE has plans to develop OTEC EcoVillages and sustainable communities in parts of Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. OTE’s development plans are not limited to homes; Jeremy Feakins and his partners intend to design and build OTEC-powered communities that include restaurants, health/fitness centers, and grocery stores. By providing businesses with both electricity and water, OTE hopes to help these businesses flourish and provide economic development opportunities for the community.  

OTE’s OTEC EcoVillage community designs include numerous features which are geared toward conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. Beside the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technology, which will provide the community with near-limitless fossil-fuel-free energy and water, residents should expect chemical-free air conditioning, local farming, sustainable aquaculture, and sustainable waste management. Chemical-free air conditioning will be achieved through Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC), another one of OTE’s environmentally-friendly technology specialties. Community farming will focus on producing organic produce. Aquaculture and agriculture projects will give OTEC EcoVillage and communities the ability to provide food in a sustainable, natural way without causing pollution. Finally, aquaculture provides a much-needed solution to global overfishing.  

Under Jeremy Feakins’ leadership, OTE has achieved much success, including current contracts and agreements to create projects in various parts of the world. Jeremy is committed to making a positive impact on the environment, and he believes that this goal can be achieved with OTE’s technology.